US demographics are changing -- becoming less white, less religious and more urban, but the way the Republicans and Democrats are talking about the future of the country is not.

This article titled “Evolution of the American voter: ‘The tectonic plates of politics are shifting'” was written by Gary Younge in Albuquerque, for on Wednesday 24th October 2012 17.39 UTC

Kasha Nelson, 31, was only supposed to go hiking with a friend. But in the 45 minutes it took to drive from Taos to Ski Valley in northern New Mexico she'd changed her vote. For the last three elections she's voted Democrat, but this time she was leaning towards Romney. “In 2008 I got caught up in the whole hope and change thing, but I've lost total confidence in Obama's ability to get us out of this mess and I thought, with his business background, Romney might be a different breed of politician.”

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