Solid Waterproof Bricks Made From Animal Blood

Solid Waterproof Bricks Made From Animal Blood
Design & Architecture

An innovative construction material made from recycled animal waste, could help out the developing world.

Yi Chen
  • 16 october 2012

Jack Munro is a recent architecture school graduate who has come up with an innovative and somewhat eerie way to recycle animal blood. Munro managed to recycle blood collected from cows during slaughter to create durable building bricks that are also waterproof. The process involved sanitizing the waste with an antibacterial agent before mixing it with sand. The mixture was then baked for an hour before the blood porteins coagulated to form a solid, insoluble mass.

Munro envisions his blood bricks to be used in underdeveloped areas where traditional building materials are scarce and not affordable option for a typical family. The designer points out the environmental benefits of the bricks, explaining that, “Animal blood is one of the most prolific waste materials in the world. The blood drained from animal carcasses is generally thrown away or incinerated despite being a potentially useful product.”

Jack Munro

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