Digital locker suppliers have the unique opportunity to drive public good over private gain.

Everything begins with memory. The disruptive 1984 commercial that introduced the first Macintosh computers is just this side of 30. It was heralded as defiance to the Big Brother-like machinations of IBM and its partner the then villainous Microsoft. Are we now beginning to experience that this may have been a subtle and long-term sleeper plot reminiscent of Russian cold-war agents? Or just another reason to bring back “Don’t trust anyone over 30?”

Probably not ;) however the rise of “digital lockers” such as Apple’s Passbook raises some very serious questions. The latest release of Apple’s iconic smartphone came with over 200 upgrades. More gadgetry and “must have” features but the one likely to increase the digital divide is going quietly unnoticed. Apple’s Passbook service is a kind of “digital locker” that stores virtual versions of coupons, tickets, loyalty cards and some documents hint at much more.

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