Artist To Host Large-Scale Garage Sale At The MoMA

Artist To Host Large-Scale Garage Sale At The MoMA
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Martha Rosler will present the sale (which is part of an ongoing series she has done since 1973) as her first solo exhibition in November.

Emma Hutchings
  • 31 october 2012

Artist Martha Rosler will host a giant garage sale at the MoMA from November 17th-30th. It will be the first one the artist has held at MoMA, but is part of her ongoing series. Rosler held it’s first iteration, Monumental Garage Sale, in 1973 in the student gallery of the University of California in San Diego. It has also been staged at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, the artist-run La Mamelle Gallery in San Francisco, the Generali Foundation in Vienna, and the New Museum in New York, amongst other places.

Artist To Host Large-Scale Garage Sale At MoMA

The Meta-Monumental Garage Sale, will fill MoMA’s Marron Atrium with activity, turning it into a space for the exchange of goods, narratives, and ideas. Rosler will perform on a daily basis throughout the sale, and select “merchandise” from several previous sales are also part of the installation, representing traces of where the project has been held before. The artist’s photos of visitors to some of those earlier sales will be displayed alongside photos of new customers posing with their new purchases.


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