Cyber Magician Spices Up His TED Talk With Augmented Reality Illusions [Video]

Cyber Magician Spices Up His TED Talk With Augmented Reality Illusions [Video]

Marco Tempest explores the link between magic, story telling, and digital media in his virtual and physical presentation.

Yi Chen
  • 29 october 2012

Marco Tempest is a New York-based cyber illusionist who creates theatrical performances using a combination of traditional magic and digital media. With the help of Onformative and Checksum5, Tempest developed an entertaining supplement to his TED Talk which explored the history of Magic and Storytelling.

His presentation used augmented reality and Microsoft Kinect technology where a specific set of hand and body movements triggered on-screen animations in real-time. Tempest explained the connection between magic and theater, and where the best magicians were the ones that told a story with every trick. As he went through his talk, he was able to interact with the images and bring up objects or make things disappear with a flick of his wrist.

Tempest stated how augmented reality is a “unique tool for pre-visualization” and how technologies can one day be capable of achieving things we only imagined in our minds. Watch the Ted Talk below to see the amusing and entertaining presentation:

Marco Tempest

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