Eran Amir's 'Black & White (In Colour)' was created without any color correction, instead the objects and Amir himself were painted in shades of grey.

Filmmaker Eran Amir turns a black and white film into a colored one, without using any digital effects or color correction to alter the footage. In the 2 minute video, he is shown sitting at a table with different objects placed in front of him. Color is introduced when Amir pours orange juice into a glass, with other objects slowly changing as well.

The video was created by painting the whole room, including Amir himself, in shades of grey. The background is a computer printout of black and white images, with colorful wallpaper that rolls down to cover it. Objects like the coke bottle are painted grey on one side and then flipped to reveal their color. You can check out ‘Black & White (In Colour) below as well as the making of video:

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