How Can Brands Empower Loyal Consumers To Sell On Their Behalf? [FUTURE OF RETAIL]

How Can Brands Empower Loyal Consumers To Sell On Their Behalf? [FUTURE OF RETAIL]

PSFK explores how companies can create loyal brand ambassadors in this illustrated scenario from the 2012 Future of Retail report.

Matt Sabourin
  • 14 october 2012

In PSFK’s latest Future of Retail report, we present several use-case scenarios that showcase a potential future retail experience for different business verticals. Leveraging the trends uncovered during our research, the PSFK Consulting team have illustrated ways that these trends might manifest in the near future.

The following beauty product scenario is one of five featured in our latest report and shows how brands can empower loyal customers to advocate on their behalf and reward them for their efforts. By taking advantage of social media platforms, brands can facilitate connections between likeminded customers and foster deeper relationships by allowing them to participate in the creation of new products.

Allie is a loyal customer of the beauty brand and actively shares new products and purchases on Facebook and Twitter. Her active participation earns her VIP status on the brand’s site and within their online community. One of the perks of having status is being able to host product parties.

Allie decides to host a party and generates a list of invites using the beauty brand’s application. As people begin to RSVP, the beauty platform begins customizing the bundle of products that will be sent to Allie and her guests based on the ‘likes’ and previous purchases of the people on her “guest list.”

During the party, there is a dedicated brand representative available via video chat to answer questions and provide style tips.

The brand rep also showcases several sample products that the brand is testing. Based on the women’s feedback, the brand will decide on a new color palette for next season.

All of Allie’s guests receive a personalized ‘Thank You’ package of beauty products in the mail that feature next season’s new shades.

A summary of the Future of Retail report is available to view & download for free – and a copy of the full 100 page document can be ordered today.

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