Tellagence help companies better identify their social media audience, saving money on marketing.

As is the case with many other companies, we at PSFK are always working to better connect with our audience, providing you with relevant, interesting information and trends. The primary way in which we do this is through social media – our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, to name a few.

As the digital interface continues to grow, many companies struggle to find the most effective channels in which to reach customers, and given the infinite number of connections that can be made via the Internet, the task of predicting the best course for communication seems nearly impossible; however, a new start-up has promised to do just that. Portland-based Tellagence works to see which followers will actually pass along information, rather than looking at their number of followers, message content, or making predictions using past activity. Say's CEO and co-founder, Matt Hixson,“We are not looking for the loudest or the celebrities, but the people with the right relationships.”

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