Frank Said What analyzes each image to come up with an individual response.

Terrarium has created the Frank Said What app to help those who have trouble coming up with a witty caption to go along with the photo.  Instead of generating pre-written text, the app uses complicated algorithms a group of people sourced on Amazon Mechanical Turk who “looks at every photo and writes an individual response.” The end result is described as the “perfect mash-up of Instagram and your favorite meme.”

Users simply need to upload a photo from their mobile to Frank and wait around 3-5 minutes for the app to process the photo and come up with a clever caption. The photo and text can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Surprisingly, the captions are eerily accurate, for example there's a photo of a woman eating an apple, and Frank points out that, “This apple tastes like pajamas.” Another image depicts a group of dogs around a gate with the caption, “Hey, did you get the key?”

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