The Memoto is a wearable camera that clips onto your clothes to capture thousands of photos of your day.

Swedish startup Memoto has developed a wearable camera that clips onto your clothes and automatically captures a photo every 30 seconds. The small device is similar to the Autographer, which also snaps thousands of images to keep a record of your whole day.

Memoto is a hands-free camera with no buttons that can store up to two full days of constant photographing (4,000 pictures) and has a built-in rechargeable battery that also lasts up to two days.

The camera records a time-stamp and GPS position for each 5-megapixel photo, so you can check exactly when and where they were taken. A built-in accelerometer ensures that your photos are correctly oriented, regardless of how the camera is worn. An LED battery life indicator on the side of the device shows you how much you have left, and a micro-USB port lets you charge it up and connect it to computer. Once connected, it will automatically upload the photos to Memoto's servers, where they are privately stored and organized for you.

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