It's possible for ads about cancers of our more sexual body parts to use a flirty hook without slipping into exploitation?

This article titled “When is it OK for a cancer campaign to be sexy?” was written by Ally Fogg, for on Wednesday 24th October 2012 09.00 UTC

“Sort of everybody knew about it. I thought, well, there’s no use hiding it, it’s out there, and I was quite surprised that there was this thing called penile cancer and at the time I think I just wanted to jump on this crusade of, you know, enlightening people that this thing exists – watch it!”

These are the words of Les, who was diagnosed with penile cancer at 41. They’re taken from a qualitative research project conducted by Dr Peter Branney and colleagues at the Centre for Men’s Health, Leeds Metropolitan University. The research draws upon interviews with 29 survivors of penile cancer, and forms the basis of a new awareness campaign by the award-winning charitable project Health Talk Online.

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