Researchers Develop Cassette Tapes That Could Store 35 Terabytes Of Data

Researchers Develop Cassette Tapes That Could Store 35 Terabytes Of Data

Fuji and IBM creates a prototype cartridge that could be the future of large data storage.

Yi Chen
  • 23 october 2012

Before the MP3, CD, and minidisc, there was the cassette tape where music-lovers meticulously spent time perfecting their mixtapes. Soon, the humble tape could be making a come back and storing more than just songs. Fuji Film in Japan and IBM in Switzerland, have developed an ultra-dense tape that can store up to 35 terabytes of data.

The compact cartridge meansures just 10cm x 10cm x 2cm and could replace external hard drives that are currently facing physical limits. The low-cost and energy efficient tape is able to store everything including music, HD movies, e-books, and documents. The large amount of storage is achieved by coating the magnetic tape in particles of barium ferrite.

 New Scientist

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