New Sperm Donor Service Lets Moms Choose Celebrity Baby-Daddies

New Sperm Donor Service Lets Moms Choose Celebrity Baby-Daddies

A new fertility bank promises users the possibility of genes that will produce a more attractive and successful child--who can also better mankind.

Karen Summerson
  • 18 october 2012

Current celebrity scandals abound over child custody, parental access and keeping track of all those “baby-daddies.” But this desire for celebrity sperm has not been quenched and its now a profitable business. Fame Daddy, “the world’s first celebrity fathering experience” is offering your offspring the opportunity for “successful” genes.

The company’s website boasts a plethora of famous sperm, but there’s a catch: the donor remains completely anonymous and it’s going to cost you ($24,000 to be exact). Interested women can go on the site and view profiles that identify their occupation, age and net worth. Then, you can privately email the service to begin the fertilization process. For those who aren’t sure if they’d rather have an aristocrat or an athlete father their child, the Fame Daddy Donor Quiz will match your personality with “suitable” donors for you to choose from.

We were curious, so we took the quiz – questions included, “Where would you like to see your child’s first press coverage?” and “Which celebrity brand will they model for?” We wanted our bundle of joy to eradicate global poverty and be as tall as Robert Pattinson. We’re proud to say that our best-matched donor would be President Barack Obama – however, the website clarifies that names mentioned are not connected with the service. Still, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a man who enjoys singing wouldn’t be too bad.

So, is the site all that it claims to be? We’re not sure, but encourage you to check it out. Who knows, you might find the sperm of your dreams.

Fame Daddy

Images via WallSave, Flickr

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