Ralf Rüller's purist ideals are driving away young couples and parents.

This article titled “Coffee bar owner sparks row by banning pushchairs” was written by Kate Connolly in Berlin, for guardian.co.uk on Friday 12th October 2012 15.27 UTC

Ralf Rüller wanted to create a sacred ground for coffee connoisseurs in the heart of Berlin, somewhere devotees of the bean could sip their brews free from distraction.

This purist – not to say militant – approach to coffee-drinking extended to a long list of rules at his brew bar, the Barn Roastery, including a ban on extra milk, spoons, laptops, dogs, mobile phone ringtones, loud phone calls and “media” (apart from newspapers). Sugar is strongly discouraged. But the rule that has provoked the most heated reaction is Rüller's decision to prohibit pushchairs and prams.

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