Make Your Own Circuit Board

Make Your Own Circuit Board
technology is a web-based design tool that makes it fun and easy to design, share and produce electronic circuit boards.

Emma Hutchings
  • 17 october 2012 is a Belgian startup that lets anyone create custom circuit boards using a web-based design tool. The founders Karel Bruneel and Benjamin Schrauwen created the company when they saw an opportunity in a challenging market. Finding hardware materials and having to use complicated tools make it hard and expensive for hobbyists to build and print a circuit board on their own. Wired reports that wants to make it easier for them with its library of open source component designs, and it will soon be offering a print-on-demand service for the circuit boards too.

Bruneel and Schrauwen have tried to keep as simple as possible. The online editor and open source libraries are free to use, as the company will make its money through the print-on-demand service. Users can also upload and share their own designs. The video below gives an overview of the design tool’s features:

Photo by John Morris

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