Store Drives Sales With Relevant Recommendations [FUTURE OF RETAIL]

Store Drives Sales With Relevant Recommendations [FUTURE OF RETAIL]

PSFK explores how companies can leverage customers' social media accounts to provide tailored recommendations in this illustrated scenario from the 2012 Future of Retail report.

Matt Sabourin
  • 14 october 2012

In PSFK’s latest Future of Retail report, we present several use-case scenarios that showcase a potential future retail experience for different business verticals. Leveraging the trends uncovered during our research, the PSFK Consulting team have illustrated ways that these trends might manifest in the near future.

The following specialty electronics store scenario is one of five featured in our latest report and shows how customers can ensure relevant recommendations by allowing companies to view their interests and likes on via their social media accounts. Additionally, this scenario exemplifies best-in-class customer service by demonstrating how companies can go the extra mile by offering customized accessories tailored to specific customers based on their previous purchases.

Dan arrives at the retail store after making an appointment online. He would like to explore accessory options for his newly purchased high-powered SLR. As Dan approaches the store, he walks through an invisible geo-fence informing the salesman of his arrival.

Dan opts in to a service that allows the salesman to mine his social media profile for images to see what kind of pictures he likes to shoot (Instagram, Facetime and Twitter accounts).

After looking through the types of pictures Dan normally takes, the sales representative is able to offer him a range of lenses and other accessories for his camera that suit his shooting needs.

After selecting the accessories he wants to purchase, the store offers to 3D print him a customized insert for his carrying case that features slots for all his new gear.

Dan’s new gear enables him to be prepared when shooting a low-light portrait at his son’s birthday party.

A summary of the Future of Retail report is available to view & download for free – and a copy of the full 100 page document can be ordered today.

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