How To Create A Great Brand By Asking ‘Stupid’ Questions – Dan Germain, Innocent [Video]

How To Create A Great Brand By Asking ‘Stupid’ Questions – Dan Germain, Innocent [Video]

At PSFK's London conference, head creative at Innocent Drinks explains how story-telling and trial & error created a brand that customers can love.

Karen Summerson
  • 14 october 2012

How does a start-up achieve success? Is there a sure-fire route to creating a loyal fan base and a unique company image? Dan Germain, Head of Creative at Innocent, a UK smoothie brand and subsidiary of Coca-Cola, recalled his experiences with brand development at this year’s PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON in September.

Originally working as an English teacher, he and some friends had a great idea for a product–fruit smoothies– but had no design or marketing experience. Yet, in 1999 they began their venture, often asking “stupid” questions until they found in-routes and designs that fit their product.

In the talk Germain shared that the original name of the product (“Fast Tractor Smoothies”) which didn’t garner them the fame they desired, so they did research to find a more appealing name. After that, the design of the container became their new challenge. Self-described as a brand “obsessed with doing stuff,” the company constantly tried new approaches, including embedding content in the bottom of the bottle and fitting bottle caps with locally-knitted hats. Germain says he continues to look to Woody Allen for inspiration – he keeps going and creating, even when he’s sure that some of it will be rubbish.

Some highlights from the talk:

  • Telling stories is important – it keeps your legacy alive and reminds you of where you’ve been.
  • Look to the outside for inspiration – people, other businesses, etc.
  • Look for ways to involve your community that will benefit you both.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail – rubbish happens.
  • Keep moving forward, making changes as you go.

DanGermain / Innocent

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