System Matches Specialized Designers With People To Solve Everyday Problems

System Matches Specialized Designers With People To Solve Everyday Problems

Can this DIY platform improve how talent and resources are distributed?

Plus Aziz
  • 30 october 2012

Fixperts is a multi-layered initiative in maker culture being led by Daniel Charny and James Carrigan.

This community platform connects designers and makers with people who need help solving everyday problems. The platform goes beyond servicing the average person to include special assistance to individuals with niche needs.

This means that while some of the problems are straight-forward, other require deeper sets of knowledge and open ground for experimentation and the development of better processes. Matching people in this intimate manner opens the path for designers to work with users and innovate in new ways.

In a post on Dezeen, Daniel Charny provides insight on resource distribution and the reality of mass customization:

The whole making era that we’re seeing unfolding is to do with how production will change, to do with society’s relationship with each other, it’s do with shared responsibility to resources… People who don’t throw away things, who have the confidence to make something, will be supported by technology. They will be the new type of customer for all the companies that are interested in mass customization.

Below is a video that brings the story to life:


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