5 Top Digital Campaigns By Retailers On The Creative Sandbox Archive

5 Top Digital Campaigns By Retailers On The Creative Sandbox Archive

A bold initiative from Google curates best-in-class examples of digital campaigns.

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  • 15 october 2012

Digital properties are shaping up to demonstrate some of the most inspirational commercial work. That’s why Google has developed Creative Sandbox, a microsite housing a curated selection of work from the advertising industry for people to vote on. The archive reflects some of the most innovative branding work being executed by agencies and digital partners.

Given the volume of the work held in the archive, over the next few weeks we will be curating campaigns by categories to provide you with insight into various industries. In this post, we will focus on 5 best of class examples and results for digital campaigns by retailers.

IKEA Small Scene

Sometimes it makes sense to capture two or more consumer segments with a single execution. IKEA did this in Warsaw, where they set up a mock studio flat in the heavily trafficked Central Station to launch their new catalogue and build brand awareness on and offline.

To capture the attention of passengers, improv actors were hired to enact short skits and invite viewers to participate. Each day was dedicated to one of the product groups, livestreamed, and the space was refreshed based on feedback the brand received on their Facebook page. To further bolster online buzz, highlights of the day were editted into 45 second online videos.

The campaign resulted in 5,000 new fans on Facebook,  53,000 active users per week, 1,400 opinions regarding the post, 25,000 video streams and 6,000 online viewers.

For background details on this campaign, visit the IKEA Small Scene at Central Station page on Creative Sandbox from Google.

Topman Generation

Topman’s UK campaign represents a great win in earned media. Capitalizing on the widespread popularity of personalized, interactive magazines, menswear fashion brand Topman worked with M&C Saatchi and their mobile arm to boost the fashion retailer’s online footprint.

The campaign leverages components of any successful fashion magazine: powerful imagery, storytelling, and exclusive interviews. It was a bold step forward technically as well. The platform combines HTML5. geo-location, and Concrete5, an open-source Content Management System, to deliver an experience that detects the visitors’ device.

The magazine attracted 550,000 unique visitors and directed 3% of the traffic to Topman’s online store. 55% of the visitors tweeted content and according to Sysomos, the microsite also generated over 80% positive sentiment.

For background details on this campaign, visit the Topman Generation campaign on Creative Sandbox from Google.


UNIQLO Dry Mesh Project

To activate Pinterest users, Uniqlo and Firstborn designed a hyper-focused campaign for their Dry Mesh t-shirts. The execution is based on the insight that users browsing through Pinterest scroll through the website absent-mindedly. To pique their interest, they invited Pinners to design extremely tall images, most of which are over 8,000 pixels tall. Other Pinners stumbling upon these pages were struck by the visual experience, hence awareness was built around Uniqlo’s dry mesh product.

This is another great case study in how brands can focus on earned media. The tactic was quickly executed, requiring only 324 hours to complete by a handful of savvy users. The campaign was picked up by 64 media outlets within 5 days, 104 Pinterest accounts were created and 55 million impressions generated.

For background details on this campaign, visit the UNIQLO Dry Mesh Project page on Creative Sandbox from Google.


American Express Shop Small

This campaign is a widely successful one developed by DIGITAS capturing the spirit of economic recovery and the importance of supporting small businesses around the nation. Weighing in with a big idea, the campaign worked towards creating a new holiday (officially supported by US Congress) right after Black Friday: Small Business Saturday.

This idea goes above and beyond. Instead, AmEx and DIGITAS developed a platform resting on a foundational social sentiment large enough to support the brand’s business interests. They rallied consumers, retailers, and public officials to support the campaign. For retailers, AmEx provided advice on how to go about setting up Facebook pages and facilitated further education on QR codes, point-of-sales material, social media outreach, and geo-location badging.

The campaign resulted in a 23% increase in small business sales on November 26, 2011,  a tweet from President Obama and numerous tweets giving props to specific local businesses, and engaged with 3 million Facebook users.

For background details on this campaign, visit the American Express Shop Small page on Creative Sandbox from Google.

The View from the Shard

In a major city like London, it is hard for a building to start out based on its exterior alone. That’s why Sellar Group, the building’s developers, hired M&C Saatchi to promote the building’s unique view of London. Although it does not fall strictly into the retail category, the campaign is about driving traffic to a specific location.

There were no bells and whistles for this execution. Just great, fluid website design that reflects the building’s high tech qualities. The website is focused on selling the view and keeps its usage of social media to a minimum. The gallery page enables online users to get a glimpse of the superb panoramic view they’d get for the building, which is twice as high as the London Eye.

The campaign resulted in a 10% conversation rate from the view to ticketing pages. It also combined social media buzz and search advertising to drive 300,000 to the site within the first weeks of launch

For background details on this campaign, visit the The View from the Shard page on Creative Sandbox on Google.

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