Disney Patents Projector Systems To Make Augmented Reality Birthday Cakes

Disney Patents Projector Systems To Make Augmented Reality Birthday Cakes

You may soon be able to see interactive videos and images on food items that create interactive fantasy worlds and stories.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 october 2012

Disney has filed a patent that describes its plans for projector systems to produce augmented reality cakes and other food products. Along with sensors, these could be used to display images and videos on the surface, or create customized storybooks and interactive experiences.

According to Gizmag, the patent outlines two methods for projecting onto a cake. One uses a small projector built into a cake topper and the other connects a computer to an overhead projector, with the addition of sensors for tracking movement.

Disney Patents Projector Systems For Augmented Reality Food

Using AR technology, video clips or slideshows of photos could be displayed. Someone could thumb through a virtual storybook, wave fairy dust on top of the cake with an accompanying wand, or shine a light onto the food to reveal hidden objects. Digital worlds could be mapped out over the surface and people would be able to interact with them by removing pieces of the food or using special props.

Disney Patent

Photo by Grace Tari

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