Flit eliminates the need to switch back and forth between multiple tabs, letting you compare products from different retail hubs into one place.

While shopping on the iPad takes the pain out of physically going to multiple stores, it’s still quite the hassle to compare items from across several different websites. And with the holidays coming up, bargain hunters and fashionistas alike could use a little help in making online shopping as streamlined as possible. Here to help is Flit, a newly launched app that aggregates a user’s favorite websites into one, convenient and shoppable storefront.

Instead of opening multiple tabs and then toggling between 2, 3, or even 10 to compare similar items, Flit lets users compare items from over 1,000 stores into one window. Compare price, styles, and reviews on up to 3 items at the same time, and purchase your favorite from within the app. Or, if you’re unsure as to which product is the best, share the options with friends and ask for their advice.

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