Beans digested by elephants and civets brew the world's most expensive and caffeinated coffee.

Would you drink the brew that’s considered the “caviar of coffee”? Before you agree, it’s processed from beans that have been excreted by elephants and civets, a nocturnal, wild cat. The luxury coffee from elephants is sold exclusively at Thailand’s Anantara hotels, while the civet brew can be found at select coffee shops around the world. A cup will run you anywhere from $30-50 U.S. dollars.

The beans are eaten by the animals in their raw form, coffee cherries. The digestive systems of both animals remove most of the protein, which causes bitterness. The dung is collected, the beans cleaned and roasted, before being served to connoisseurs worldwide. To get a closer look into the process, view a special video feature from Animal Planet that focuses on the civet digestion of beans.

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