10 Stories You Need To Know Today

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

IKEA removes women from Middle Eastern catalogs, Free digital textbooks, a 625-foot-tall Staten Island Ferris Wheel, and proof that the Library of Congress should accept public submissions to stay relevant...Links to start your day with.

Carib Guerra
  • 2 october 2012

Watch all four 2012 Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates live on YouTube. Now there’s no excuse. YouTube

An infographic proves that The Library of Congress is a poor bar for measurement in the digital age. Book of Joe

A 625-foot Ferris wheel, to be built on Staten Island, will be the world’s tallest and least visited, respectively. DiscoveryNews

The Internet now accounts for 3.7% of GDP and supports nearly 5.1 million jobs in the United States.

Dark chocolate shown to lengthen memory retention in snails from 3 hours to over 72. Medical News Today

College students in California are getting free textbooks for required courses, local bars and coffee shops rejoice. UberGizmo

IKEA apologizes for photoshopping women out of their catalogs for Saudi Arabia. Mashable

Mark Zuckerberg spoke with Dmitry Medvedev about Russia’s gold and diamonds—and IT industry. Reuters

IKEA announces an embargo on non-LED lighting. engadget

Available on tablets since 2011, Google Catalogs to launch on the web just in time for the holidays. TechCrunch

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