Firefox Now Lets Users Chat On Facebook While Browsing Other Sites

Firefox Now Lets Users Chat On Facebook While Browsing Other Sites

Mozilla debuts Social API on its browser that integrates social networks with regular websites.

Yi Chen
  • 24 october 2012

Mozilla partners with Facebook Messenger as part of its new Social API feature in the recently updated Firefox Beta browser. The Social API is a platform that allows social networks to integrate their services seamlessly in the browser.

In this case, Messenger for Firefox has embedded the Facebook chat box in Firefox so that it appears on every site the user visits. This allows the user to connect with friends and keep the chat going without being restricted to only the Facebook site.

Johnathan Nightingale, Mozilla’s director of Firefox Engineering, stated in an interview with CNET that:

People don’t use social like they use other parts of the Web. It’s not task based; it’s something that pervades that you’re constantly touching throughout the day… We wanted to make the experience first-class in Firefox. We felt that social had to be integrated differently. We wanted to create an API where your social provider could provide a few details, and then you’re hooked in.

Messenger for Firefox

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