Haitian people in need of clean water read out tweets that have been tagged with the hashtag to highlight their own plight.

Often used to jokingly bemoan a problem that isn't really a problem, the hashtag #firstworldproblems has been turned into a campaign for clean water by DDB New York. The agency traveled to Haiti to film some of the locals to read out #firstworld problems tweets and responses. In the videos, those in need of clean water highlight the severity of their own plight, encouraging people to help solve real problems by donating to the non-profit organization Water is Life.

A 60-second video features Haitians repeating tweets like “I hate it when my house is so big, I need two wireless routers,” “When I have to write my maid a check, but I forget her last name,” and “I hate when I tell them no pickles and they still give me pickles”. The video has reached over 1 million views on YouTube in a week. You can check it out below:

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