Create Graffiti In A Real Gallery By Virtually ‘Painting’ With A Smartphone

Create Graffiti In A Real Gallery By Virtually ‘Painting’ With A Smartphone

Crowdraw merges the virtual and physical by allowing users to create art on their smartphone and on a real gallery wall simultaneously.

Emma Hutchings
  • 1 october 2012

Created by Korean firm Everyware, ‘Crowdraw‘ is a collaborative art project that combines social funding, social networks, and cloud services. Users purchase a virtual paintball in an app and shoot it using their smartphone, causing an actual paintball in a gallery to be fired at the same position on a real wall painting.

Create Real Graffiti With A Paintball By Virtually ‘Painting’ On Your Phone

This social drawing project merges virtual and physical, and causes participants to become sponsors as well as project collaborators. It is streamed online so anyone can watch the artwork being created through audience participation.

Participants can relate on a much more personal level with such groundbreaking media installation, experiencing, creating distribution, advertising and financially supporting the completion an artwork.


+audience participation
+Electronics & Gadgets
+smartphone app

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