GIF T-shirts Uses Wearer’s Heartbeats To Animate Itself

GIF T-shirts Uses Wearer’s Heartbeats To Animate Itself

Clothing item senses your heart beat and displays it on a heart-shaped LED array.

Natalia Gemperli
  • 2 october 2012

New York based artists Sean Montgomery (Produce Consume Robot) created a t-shirt that reads the wearer’s heartbeat and displays it on their clothing as pulses of light. The garment has sensors that read one’s EKG and produce flashes of light in time with the person’s own heart.

The idea behind the concept is that wearing it intensifies the feeling of life and rhythm, while at the same time reminds people of their electrical and mechanical roots. It’s a way to see how the body reacts in social situations or even during exercising.

Shown internationally as biofeedback art, the first commercially available Heart-felt Shirt debuted at the World Maker Faire 2012. The t-shirt is cleanable but not washable and runs on three AAA batteries.

Check out the video from the Maker Faire below:

Heart Felt Apparel

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