Charcoal Hangers Eliminate Odor

Charcoal Hangers Eliminate Odor
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A small glass container filled with pellets absorb smells and let you wash you clothes less.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 october 2012

British designer Lisa Marie Bengtsson has developed a selection of hangers that keep clothes fresh and clean. ‘Bye Bye Laundry’ features a small glass container with activated charcoal (carbon treated with oxygen), which is a highly porous material that absorbs odors.

Forget Febreze, These Hangers Eliminate Odors

The charcoal helps to naturally eliminate odors in clothing, reducing the need to wash clothes that aren’t dirty or stained. The hangers ensure that it is easy to re-fill the charcoal and a filter lets it breathe through the glass. The ring that holds the clothes is flocked to create a luxury and functional surface.

Forget Febreze, These Hangers Eliminate Odors

We wash our clothes much more than needed and it harms both the clothes and the planet. This project reflects on our attitude towards dirt with aim to make people use less water and to change our washing behavior.  I want to give awareness to this issue with an alternative solution for washing that prevents clothes being thrown in the washing machine rapidly.

Lisa Marie Bengtsson

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