MusicalHeart is a music-recommendation engine that runs off your body's clues to maximize your workout.

Music and exercise have long gone hand-in-hand. Music can motivate runners to go further and faster, bikers to get in the zone, and swimmers to get ready to race. While athletes often have their ‘go-to' choice of music for pumping themselves up or relaxing their nerves, a new app promises to help find the music that will help them reach their maximum potential.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

MusicalHeart is a music-recommendation engine that uses a user's heart rate to recommend songs. With the system, a smartphone app is connected to a pair of headphones that listen to the wearer's heart rate through the throb of arteries in the ear. Once the headphones have determined the current heart rate, the app then selects a song that matches the wearer's pre-defined desired intensity level. If the wearer is currently performing under their target heart rate, MusicalHeart will select a song to raise it, and if they are over their target heart rate, the app will play a song to lower it:

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