Flexible Workstation

Flexible Workstation
Design & Architecture

This flexible piece of office furniture can be used by anyone from a child to a fully grown adult.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 31 october 2012

Danish design firm KiBiSi has developed a crank-operated desk to accommodate users’ preferred working position.

Developed in a collaboration between the Danish furniture company Holmris and design firm KiBiSi, the XTable splits the difference between traditional desks and the growing trend in standing workstations.  Manually operated by a hand crank — much like an old-fashioned carjack or ironing board — XTable is easily adjusted to accommodate any height, from a seated child to a fully standing adult.

The table is comprised of a solid rectangular top supported by a pair of crossed legs, which allows for customizability without inhibiting legroom. Described as a piece of “office machinery,” XTable is able to adapt to many different working positions and daily reshuffling, and the manual operation is intended to save energy and keep the users active. As well as allowing for individual customization, the design is useful for joining together existing workspaces or for a hot desking environment.

Click through the images below for a closer look:


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