Play An Audio Game In Your Car Instead Of Listening To The Radio

Play An Audio Game In Your Car Instead Of Listening To The Radio

Startup tech company BRIGHTdriver is creating a range of interactive games you can play while in you vehicle.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 october 2012

Startup company BRIGHTdriver is creating interactive audio-based games designed for the car, which are accessible from a smartphone app. The hands-free games can be played while you drive, by connecting via Bluetooth, auxiliary jack or FM transmitter, or you can play directly from your iPhone.

You start up a game before you begin driving and can then play solo or with passengers using on-board voice recognition software. The GPS in your phone is used to assess road conditions and modify the game pact depending on whether you’re in city traffic or on the highway to provide the safest interaction possible.

Two games have been created to launch the app. Volley is a turn-based, multiplayer trivia game. Odyssey uses information about your location, commute length, and drive smoothness, to enable you to complete adventures like traversing the Oregon Trail or making your mark on the Moon. BRIGHTdriver is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and if you pledge just $10, you can get early access to the finished app as well as the first two games, plus all of the games released during BRIGHTdriver’s first year. Check out the video below for more information:


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