Anti-Drug, Interactive Facebook App Recreates Fake Footage From “Last Night”

Anti-Drug, Interactive Facebook App Recreates Fake Footage From “Last Night”

'Sip It Up', created by BKWLD that hijacks contacts and pictures, and makes novel use of the user's Timeline to dissuade people from drug use.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 october 2012

In a digital campaign for the CHPA Partnership for a Drugfree America, BKWLD collaborated with Tribal DDB and Moxie Pictures to raise awareness of the dangers of DXM cough medicine abuse, commonly known as “robo-tripping”. They created a Facebook app called ‘Sip It Up‘, which pulls the user’s info into a personalized video experience, and redesigned to educate them with videos, stories, and facts.

Sip It Up is told through the perspective of someone who has blacked out after drinking a bottle of cough syrup and is now piecing the night’s events together using posts on their Facebook timeline. A fake newsfeed populated with the user’s real friends displays disparaging posts about their embarrassing behavior, accompanied by dizzying live-action POV footage. An algorithm measuring location, proximity, and the frequency of comments and likes, was customized to ensure that the friends commenting were close ones.

BKWLD integrate Google Street View images into the experience, compositing them into the video of the user’s neighborhood, and they also tapped iTunes API to select the music that is played in the party scene. Motion-tracking and day-to-night color filters on the images make it look like the car is literally driving down your own street, creating a sense of realism. Check out the video below to see some of the footage:

Sip It Up

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