'Sip It Up', created by BKWLD that hijacks contacts and pictures, and makes novel use of the user's Timeline to dissuade people from drug use.

In a digital campaign for the CHPA Partnership for a Drugfree America, BKWLD collaborated with Tribal DDB and Moxie Pictures to raise awareness of the dangers of DXM cough medicine abuse, commonly known as “robo-tripping”. They created a Facebook app called ‘Sip It Up‘, which pulls the user's info into a personalized video experience, and redesigned dxmstories.org to educate them with videos, stories, and facts.

Sip It Up is told through the perspective of someone who has blacked out after drinking a bottle of cough syrup and is now piecing the night's events together using posts on their Facebook timeline. A fake newsfeed populated with the user's real friends displays disparaging posts about their embarrassing behavior, accompanied by dizzying live-action POV footage. An algorithm measuring location, proximity, and the frequency of comments and likes, was customized to ensure that the friends commenting were close ones.

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