Interactive Tabletop Display Shows Shared & Personal Image For Each Viewer

Interactive Tabletop Display Shows Shared & Personal Image For Each Viewer

PiVOT is a personalized view-overlay that is meant to encourage mixed-focus collaborative tasks.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 october 2012


A team of scientists led by the University of Bristol in the UK have developed a system called PiVOT (personalized view-overlays for tabletops). Designed to encourage and support mixed-focus collaboration, the display system shows users an undistorted shared view as well as their own personal view at the same time.

It supports multiple personalized views, which can be present at the same spatial location and yet only visible to the user it belongs to. PiVOT also allows the creation of personal views that can be either 2D or auto-stereoscopic 3D images. Sriram Subramanian, Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, said:

The tabletop system has been created by using an arrangement of liquid crystals.  Users can come together and view shared content or by leaning forward can get personalised views that are only visible from that particular view point.

PiVOT was presented at the symposium ACM UIST 2012, where two demo applications were shown. Gizmag reports that one showed a map, where the shared view is the entire world, and if a user leaned forward they saw points of interest on the map that other users didn’t. Another showed an image of the human body and more detailed information was displayed when a user leaned forward or placed a marker. Check out the video below to see a demo:


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