ASETNIOP is a concept keyboard replacement method that uses just 10 keys and forms other letters and characters by hitting two or more keys at once.

A new concept called ASETNIOP is a virtual touchscreen keyboard that uses just 10 keys, one for each of your fingers. When starting out, the keyboard and its “chords” for less-common letters can be displayed in a colorful format on the screen, but as users learn they can make the keys transparent or even invisible.

Gizmag reports that a single press-and-release of each finger produces the most common letter that would usually be pressed by that finger on a standard QWERTY keyboard (i.e. left pinky = A, left ring = S, left middle = E and so on, hence the name “ASETNIOP”). The less-common letters are obtained by pressing “chords” of two or more fingers at the same time. The space bar is activated by one of your thumbs and the other thumb is used to activate the shift function or a predictive text/autofill feature.

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