New media artist explains the redesign and simplification of his popular multimedia narrative sharing site Cowbird.

It has been a real joy to witness our community evolve over the past ten months, from a small gathering of personal friends to the global family of storytellers that Cowbird is today.

I built Cowbird because I wanted a beautiful tool that I could use to tell my own stories, and no other tool felt right. I was interested in creating a space on the Web that could be a sanctuary for a deeper, longer-lasting kind of self-expression — a refuge from the clamor, clutter, vitriol, superficiality, and competitiveness that plagues so much of the online world today. Together, I believe we’ve made such a space. Some of you have written to me and called Cowbird, “churchlike,” or “a contemplative, almost sacred environment,” or simply said, “It’s just so human.”

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