Think Tank Creates A Catalog Of Practical Products For The Near Future

Think Tank Creates A Catalog Of Practical Products For The Near Future
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A group of designers, writers, and technologists gathered in Detroit this week to produce a collection of things to represent the shifts in manufacturing, design and innovation.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 october 2012

A multidisciplinary group of thinkers and makers spent three days in Detroit with the aim of creating a product catalog that would spur conversations about the things that will matter in the near future. Bruce Sterling, Chris Woebken, Emmet Byrne, James Bridle, Julian Bleecker, Moka Pantages, Nicolas Nova, and others, joined together to produce the collection of things that express their sense of how the near future will be lived.

Multidisciplinary Thinkers Create Near Future Product Catalog

The contents represent the pragmatic concerns, ambitions, fears, everyday needs and wishes of the future’s inhabitants. The group considered the evolution of production as well as shifts in the dynamics of creativity, law, aesthetic norms and values. They produced a first draft catalogue this week, which will soon be finalized and shared.

Our expectation is that this catalog will spark conversations about the future of things to a wider audience than a more theoretical artifact such as a conference proceeding. Framing insights, conclusions, instincts in this way will make for an accessible representation — one that will be more legible to a wider audience. It plays to the design fiction sensibilities that runs through the work many of us have been pursuing for the last several years.

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Photos by Julian Bleecker

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