MOO lets customers can choose what to put on the microchip (portfolios, music, videos, web page links, maps, apps, etc.) and it can be updated so they never go out of date.

MOO is testing out some new NFC-enabled business cards, which have a tiny microchip and antenna embedded inside that can transmit data to a phone with NFC. When it’s touched to the smartphone, the chip asks it to do something like save your contact details, download your portfolio, play music or video, load web pages, maps or apps. You can change what the NFC card links to and update it as you go.

MOO is providing a free NFC-enabled business card when customers order a set of cards, and 150,000 will be given away in total. They have asked their community for feedback and ideas about using the technology. Some data has been written to the cards but the chips can be rewritten, and they’ll soon be releasing an Android app that allows customers to update what their card does. You can check out MOO’s video about the new cards below:

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