Photographer Sebastian Magnani plays off the idea that dog owners often look like their dogs by taking pictures of both and merging them.

Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani created a photo series that plays off the idea that dog owners often look like their dogs. For ‘Underdogs', he took pictures of both the dog and owner and then combined the two photos using Photoshop for a hyper-realistic effect.

Magnani's first subjects were his girlfriend and his dog. He used simple lighting and a gray background to make it easier to merge the two separate images. He told ABC News:

In Photoshop I used the graphic tablet composed with various masks and transparencies. And adjusted the background and colors a little and [used] a few secrets… My favorite is the first one, the blonde-haired dog named Taco. I like the expressive look and it's a crazy dog; just fascinating and a really special personality.

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