PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON: 18 Change-Making Videos

PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON: 18 Change-Making Videos

The full list of talks by an incredible mix of artists, designers, marketers and technologists inspire our audience of creative professionals.

Karen Summerson
  • 28 october 2012

This past September, PSFK hosted its annual conference celebrating new ideas in London. An audience of creative professionals from across advertising, design, marketing and technology industries listened to a mix of inspirational speakers curated by the PSFK editorial team. Here’s the full list of 20 talks.

Managing Our Digital Legacies – Richard Banks, Microsoft Research

The Microsoft Research designer introduces the reality of online selves and what they mean for our future.

Creating Technology That Has A Mind Of Its Own – Katrin Baumgarten

The designer explores the possibility of machines that think for themselves.

Augmented Reality Is The ‘Harry Potterfication’ of Print Media – Jess Butcher, Blippar

The CMO and Founding Director highlights that ability of technology to enliven old mediums.

When Branding Means Living Life – James Fairbank, Rapha

Chief Marketer explains how the biking brand manifests through the motto ‘Glory Through Suffering’.

Why Low-Tech Innovation Is The Future – Johnathan Ford, Pearlfisher

The Creative Partner illustrates the importance of keeping things simple can offer the most rewarding solutions.

How The Youth Generation Is Transforming Mobile Technology – Debbie Forster, Apps For Good

President shows how teens are designing apps to address common social issues.

How To Create A Great Brand By Asking ‘Stupid’ Questions – Dan Germain, Innocent

Head Creative at Innocent Drinks explains how story-telling and trial & error created a brand that customers can love.

How Sustainability In Business Evolved Into ‘Impact Opportunity’ – Tamara Giltsoff

Innovation expert discusses how making green initiatives part of product development is the only way to effect progressive change.

How Anyone Can Master Technology – Daniel Hirschmann & Bethany Koby, Technology Will Save Us

The co-founders of Technology Will Save Us introduce us to DIY dissection and the creation of new gadgets by starting from the inside out.

Virtual Shopping Is The Future of Retail – Mikko Martikainen, Sayduck Ltd.

The CEO introduces the mobile app that will change the way that we buy.

Why Kids Learn Best Through Doing – Jason Milligan, Sesame Workshop

The Creative Director introduces new forms of kinetic learning.

Restrictions Force Us To Be Creative – John Pugh, Boehringer Ingelheim

Director of Digital Communications explains the importance of fun on social media to aid a corporation’s reputation and outlook.

To Fix Finance We Must Disrupt Money – Stan Stalnaker, Hub Culture

Founder of digital currency Ven proposes new international currency that will reform commerce.

Transforming Mundane Technology Into Interesting Objects – Dhani Sutanto

The artist and freelance Art Director, takes drab, cumbersome technology and makes them into personal, useful pieces.

Keeping True To ‘Old Fashioned’ Brand Values Will Help Spur Creativity – Julian Thomson, Jaguar

Head of Jaguar Advanced Design discusses how emotional connections between the producer and the consumer are what keep companies relevant.

Choreographing Public Spaces To Tell Stories – James Tichenor & Josh Walton, Rockwell Labs

Founders of Rockwell Labs explain how digital and physical realms come together to create spectacle and novel experiences.

 Using Data For Good – Diana Verde Nieto, Positive Luxury


CEO shares a new way for socially conscious consumers to buy online by turning e-tracking to their benefit.

A Newsfeed For The Physical World – Matt Webb, BERG

The CEO introduces their latest design, the “Little Printer” that creates a miniature newspaper based on its owners interests and tastes.

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