From an all-in-one health tracking app that has an index of 2 million foods to a personal app that tests the health of your lungs, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

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App Offers Nutritional Information For Nearly 2 Million Foods MyFitnessPal, a nutrition and fitness tracking mobile application, has recently entered into a collaboration with global food retailer Sodexo in providing its more than 20 million users with access to nutritional information around select Sodexo recipes. The partnership creates unique codes for all of Sodexo chef-developed products, adding them to a variety of signs, labels and other outputs so consumers can use their MyFitnessPal App scanner to instantly grab and log nutrition information for a wide variety of products. The partnership aims to support users in making healthy behavior changes by providing information in an actionable, all-in-one service.

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