Installation Visitors Walk Through Rain Without Getting Wet

Installation Visitors Walk Through Rain Without Getting Wet
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'Rain Room' exhibit in London is a non-stop shower that responds to visitors’ movements.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 october 2012

Contemporary art studio Random International has a new installation at the Barbican art gallery in London, which invites audience interaction. Visitors can experience what it’s like to control the rain in the ‘Rain Room’, where a non-stop rain shower responds to their movements. If they put their trust in the artwork, they can carefully find their way through it without getting wet.

Cameras installed within the room detect visitor’s presence and movements, sending instructions for the rain to move away from people as they move through the room, keeping them dry. The ‘Rain Room’ is a hundred square metre field of falling water, which is carefully choreographed. It will be on display until March 3rd 2013.

Imagine Perpetually Falling Rain That Never Falls On You

Random International

Video courtesy of The Guardian

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