Recycled Food Waste Turned Into Buttons & Buckles [Pics]

Recycled Food Waste Turned Into Buttons & Buckles [Pics]
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Bio-Trimmings creates a link between sustainable fashion and discarded food scrapes.

Yi Chen
  • 10 october 2012

Hoyan Ip is a London-based designer who is raising awareness of food waste issues by turning scraps and excess into fashion trimming and embellishments. Her project, ‘Bio-Trimmings,’ creates various buttons and buckles from food that has been cooked, dried, crushed, blended, and molded.

Other fashion accessories Ip has developed include bow ties, textured bags, and collars. Each trimming is handmade and Ip hopes that Bio-Trimmings “links the world of fashion and its waste with food waste; a continuous, social and economical global issue that needs to be addressed effectively to build towards a sustainable and ethical future.”

Click through the thumbnails below to see more of the creative designs.


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