Rent Out The Unused Family Car While Traveling

Rent Out The Unused Family Car While Traveling

FlightCar is a car sharing service that lets people make money by loaning out their vehicle while they're away, and others can save up to 50% by borrowing it.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 october 2012

FlightCar is a rental service that looks to upend traditional car rentals. Instead of leaving your vehicle in the airport carpark, you can list it on the site and set a price and mileage limit. If someone wants to rent it, FlightCar will check their driving history and ask you to park your car in a designated lot at the airport. You then give your keys to the FlightCar staff, who will clean the car before and after it is rented. When you get back from your trip, your car and check for the rental will be waiting for you. So you make some money and also save on airport parking charges.

Co.Exist reports that those looking for a car to rent could save 20-50% by renting a FlightCar, while owners could receive a check for $300 for a two-week trip. FlightCar will be launching later this year in San Jose and Oakland. Check out the video below to learn more about the service:


Photo by Martin Hartland

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