Restaurants Can Update Menus Across Platforms In Real-Time

Restaurants Can Update Menus Across Platforms In Real-Time

Restaurants who avoid publishing online menus because it's too much of an organizational nightmare have just lost their excuse as a new service makes all adjustments simultaneously.

Libby Garrett
  • 5 october 2012

Updating menus and prices has always been an arduous task for restauranteurs, involving disassembling current menus, printing new ones and triple checking that old copies do not, under any circumstance, get into diners’ hands. Fold in the responsibility of updating online and social media menus (plus increased diner demand for frequently changing menus) and the task of keeping details consistent requires meticulous and constant attention.

Cambridge, MA and San Francisco-based Locu has launched a web-based solution to help restaurants design, manage and publish up-to-date menus across print, website, mobile site and Facebook formats.

To get started, restaurants search in Locu’s database of uploaded local menus.  If the menu already exists, details are verified as correct.  If the menu is not on file, menus are manually created or uploaded via a variety of file formats (including .doc, .pdf and .jpeg).  Once details are double checked, one button publishes the menu across the restaurant’s website, mobile site and Facebook accounts.

Changes to design, price, menu items, wine vintage years and descriptions are easy to update across channels, without needing to call a Webmaster or other support specialist.

The platform also comes with template designs for online and print use.

The service is free for restaurant owners, with premium packages for multiple location restaurants, chains and additional support.


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