Thermite is an android that can pump out 600 gallons of water per minute and is designed to remove the human element from hazardous fire fighting situations.

Thermite is a durable and compact fire-fighting robot from Howe & Howe Technologies that is capable of handling dangerous situations and blazes. It offers life-saving capability and could reduce the risk of work-related injuries or deaths by removing the human element.

The robot can take care of hazardous materials, chemical fires, train derailments, or fuel farms, by providing stand-off distance, remote capabilities, and a camera that gives responders a close-up view.

CNET reports that the fire-fighting robot is around 4.5 feet tall, weighs 1,640 pounds, and is attached to a long hose with a nozzle that swivels vertically and horizontally. Thermite pumps out up to 600 gallons of water per minute to put out dangerous flames and rolls on treads to maneuver over obstacles. Check out the video below to see it in action:

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