Choreographing Public Spaces To Tell Stories – James Tichenor & Josh Walton, Rockwell Group [Video]

Choreographing Public Spaces To Tell Stories – James Tichenor & Josh Walton, Rockwell Group [Video]

Founders of Rockwell Labs explain how digital and physical realms come together to create spectacle and novel experiences.

Karen Summerson
  • 14 october 2012

While most continue to separate the physical and virtual realms, James Tichenor and Josh Walton of Rockwell Group Labs are purposely blurring the two to create interactive spectacle and great public spaces. The co-founders of the lab spoke at PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON, explaining their strategies to create concepts which are featured all over the world.

Both speakers found important assets in the native qualities of both the physical and digital worlds. Whereas multi-modal, social experiences and singular entities are found in the physical world, transcontinental connections and affordable replications are possible through virtual platforms. By combining the two, Rockwell Group Lab is able to choreograph a truly unique experience.

Tichenor and Walton walked the audience through a presentation of some of their work, including the West Lobby in the chic Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, an interactive plaza and tower in the Silicon Valley and in-progress “Space Brew” toolkit for prototyping interactive spaces.

Some highlights from the talk:

  • The physical and digital realms are not resistant to one another.
  • Learning through making is what builds innovation.
  • Interactive spaces are designed through a series of inputs and outputs.
  • Technology transfer occurs through architecture, place-making, networking and the world wide web.

James Tichenor & Josh Walton / Rockwell Group

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