Site Highlights The Truths & Lies Of Presidential Debates In Real-Time

Site Highlights The Truths & Lies Of Presidential Debates In Real-Time

Obama or Romney? ReConstitution 2012 measures the sentiments of each political candidate live.

Yi Chen
  • 17 october 2012

Sosolimited is an art and technology studio that wanted to expose the truths and lies of presidential debates. Partnering with The Creators Project, VICE and Intel, the firm believes that they have come up with a “Bullshit Detector” that is the next best thing to a polygraph machine. The online microsite, ReConstitution, uses algorithms based on what’s being said to give a psychoanalysis of the candidates live.

The studio worked closely with psychologists, linguists, programmers, and language experts to group words and phrases in categories such as ‘positivity’, ‘negativity’, ‘rage’, and even ‘suicidal’. Sosolimited explains on its site that:

The character and frequency of the words we use reveal a lot about our inner psychological states. Liars tend to avoid talking about themselves in the first person. Depressed and suicidal people speak a lot more about their bodies and health than happy people.


ReConstitution 2012

Header image courtesy of Michael Reynolds from Getty Images

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