15 Stories You Need To Know Today

15 Stories You Need To Know Today

Why Sweden does the Internet 'best', the iPad mini is in production, and Facebook fights back against accusations that their advertising isn't effective...Links to start your day with.

Karen Summerson
  • 4 october 2012

Facebook pushes back and assures advertisers that they can make sales. NYTimes

Spoof advertisements recast entire ensemble for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. CriticalMob

New helmet with sensors keeps bikers safe by alerting contacts if there’s a crash. Springwise

And you thought your apartment was small – a new idea for urban housing in Poland. Springwise

Cone-shaped solar panels create 20 times more energy. Inhabitat

Jack Dorsey gives all new employees a ready-made kit for success. Business Insider

LinkedIn will follow exclusive list of celebreties/persons of influence to report upon, highlighting ideas and change. RohitBhargava

Why does Sweden use the internet “best” internationally? OEDb

It’s official: Apple is now building iPad mini. AppleInsider

Amount of legal downloads significantly outnumber that of pirated music in the U.S. WallStreetJournal

Expect Microsoft Stores to ‘pop-up’ in late October. NDTVGadgets

Skype is launching free Wi-Fi in Britain. Telegraph

BBC working on free digital music collection. Telegraph

QR Code use soars up 96% in Europe. Nokia

Mobile payment company square is looking for female engineers. Inc.




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