Steve Clayton: Bill Gates Tells Me What To Expect From Windows 8

Steve Clayton: Bill Gates Tells Me What To Expect From Windows 8

The Microsoft chairman speaks to the push toward 'natural user interface' and the potential for the new OS, Windows Phone 8, and Surface products.

Steve Clayton, Microsoft
  • 22 october 2012

I often tell people I’ve got one of the best jobs at Microsoft; I get the opportunity to meet and talk with the people here who brew the special sauce that is Microsoft. Last week I got to meet and talk with the guy who first created the sauce.

Following a Microsoft event to celebrate 30 years of our Giving campaign, I sat down to chat withBill Gates for a few minutes.  We talked about the significance of this week’s launch of Windows 8, about Windows Phone 8 and Surface. I ordered my Surface last week; Bill already has his and he’s pretty excited about it, as you‘ll see.  His keyboard’s a different color than mine, though…

Hit play and enjoy!

Originally posted on Next at Microsoft. Republished with kind permission.

Image credit: The Verge

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