The vodka brand promotes its originality by mixing the first drink in space.

While Red Bull may give you (and Felix Baumgartner) wings, Stoli scores points for originality with their latest stunt. The vodka brand modified a Boeing 757, hired a world-class mixologist, and flew to the edge of space to host a cocktail party… in zero gravity.

With both the alcohol, equipment, and the mixologist floating in space, mixing the cocktail was a bit more challenging than behind the typical bar. The Stoli Moonwalk, 3 parts Stoli to 1 part lime juice, was created through a series of tumbling acts instead of the usual blending, shaking, or stirring. The cocktail is the first ever to be made in zero gravity, and the stunt was created in help by digital agency Rokkan to help promote the brand’s new ORGNL.TV initiative.

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